Máy chà sàn liên hợp ngồi lái Roma RM 125BT


Model: RM125 BT  Ride on scrubber

Three different cleaning with, 115 liter solution tank and recovery tank, 7-8 hours working time, power source: battery.

Model Highlights:

1. Micro-rider RM 125BT delivers advanced cleanliness at a sound level 75% quieter than competitive models.

2. Clean anytime ,anywhere with sound levels at 68 dB.

3. Cost saving innovations that simplify operations, improve the cleaning process, and reduce expenses by lowering the cost of ownership.

4. Nimble enough to scrub through doorways, and compact enough to fit on standard elevators.


Decorative floors often found in the retail, health care, hospitality, airports, schools, and light industrial facilities.

Bare and coated concrete in industrial facilities and warehouses.


Automatic Error-checking technology. Once machine stop working, the screen will display the error code to tell user what’s the problem.

Loaded maintenance-free battery, with being designed to cut off the power once the battery is lower than 21.6V, the whole machine will stop working but forward and backward.


1.Clean an area of 5000/5500 square meters per hour.

2.A new brush disk design, asymmetrical design unique, easily solve the problem of difficult cleaning corners.

3.Metal frame, more durable, saving you the cost of the replacement.

4.Working time :7-8hours. Power source: battery 24V 205Ah.

5.Large storage capacity, the increase in storage capacity at the same time, relying on the type design of self-go well, reduce the implementation of the resistance, make you feel relax at working.

6.Maximize productivity and reduce downtime with quick, no-tool brush and squeegee changes.

7.Adjustable scraper bar, suction good results, to facilitate the demolition.

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